Height/weight/age of character/testsubject

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Somewhere on your character's display and the test subject hud.

This might also come in handy for sizeplay situations, to rule out cub

Like a short man with a giant woman for example

you can already set this up with the use of chemicals, can I ject the girl with gigantisol. 

It just won’t show the numerical value of the height/weight


This can be super handy when it comes to RackNet. You don't have a strong clue how big or small the characters are, so these stats of a character can be included in RackNet.

These stats should be for test subjects, RackNET, and the character customization in the showers.


But the age should always start at 18 though. I don't know if people want to make their characters like a thousand years old as well, so idk. I, for one, am not interested in screwing some "immortal" or "god" or " some old-ass person". Some people may think that some dragon would be 500 years old, or that Anubis (he will be there in RackNET or some shit) is like 4000 years old. Wouldn't that be annoying? There could just be an age limiter???

There should be an option to disable seeing any of the three numerical values.

Reasons include:

1. The stats can be relatively annoying to the player.

2. Some players would prefer to only care about height and not weight and age (as an example).

3. Some people prefer to screw different age groups, so they may have a preference for someone who is 21 years old and not 50-60 years old lol. "Eww! Dis wolf dude is 83 years old! No!" (Plus if people don't want to screw immortals and gods and such).

4. Similarly to Reason 3, maybe people could care less about the age at all and would rather focus on the character as they are. They would be more and more distracted with the age instead of having a good time.

And should characters with wings have added weight or should that be disregarded? Though with birds and bats and such, wings don't weigh very much in order to fly without being heavy. So idk.

And how about characters who are buff? Or stocky? Or morbidly obese? Should there be a limit to how heavy the character would be? Or probably not since the fattest, tallest, biggest, buffest dragon with 20 sets of horns and wings would have some kind of weight? I think then that a weight limiter is not necessary then. Except the limiter should be over 50lbs or something (to avoid pedos).

And there should be a metric system as well, included with the American system (lbs, ounces, ft, inches).


add a hight measuring tape on the shower room/locker room wall