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First person VR support


hope HTC vive can be support


There are so many possibility with HTC Vive roomscale and motion controllers... Oculus is getting motions controllers, too. From experience I can say that roomscale and such controllers take VR to the next level

My Vive... AND my body...
are ready.


Guys, this has been in the dev page for a while. You don't need to suggest this.


perhaps OpenVr, so people with the Oculus Rift (DK1, DK2, or CV1) and people with non-mainstream VR headsets like the HDK2 with osvr can experience furry vr too.

I would sub if there was room-scale VR support. VRTK and other similar apps give cross platform support so it's not an unreasonable request IMO

Someone got me an oculus rift with touch controls for christmas. So now I can betatest that when you need it.


Just make this game VR supported already! I would throw my money at your patreon so fast if you would. It's infuriating hearing the "b-but I need to focus on muh contentz" excuse over and over.