Flirting with other employees

Kirill Sasin 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by Shenz 3 years ago 2

So, imagine this.

It is just another day at Rack laboratories. You go about your everyday business, keeping three test subjects on the edge while personally tending to the fourth one in the room, facing the window into the main facility. You are about to bring them to the finish when you notice your requisition officer panting heavily on the other side, one of their hands pressed against the window while the other one is busy masturbating to their heart's content. Right as you grin and wink at them, quickening your movement and making the subject under you cum all over your face, you see a few sploshes of liquid appear on the window, the voyeurist retreating hastily to their post.

After kissing your subjects goodbye, you come up to the one you scared away and suggest they contribute to your research in a manner that is slightly more direct than what they are used to.

You are, however, asked to take them out for a dinner first.


Having just taken a shower, had your cup of morning coffee and chosen your arsenal of sex toys for the day, you are about to get to work when your client manager, hesitating at first, asks you, as their superior, whether it would be alright if they submitted their own application to take part in your experiments. As a research subject. Because they are saving for a new gaming console and need some extra cash to expedite the process and that is the only reason, Dr. Username, honest.

And you decide that in order to make the beginning of your weekday just perfect you will take them roughly right here, right now. On the desk first, then from behind against the desk, then against the wall next to the desk. No specimen collection, no gimmicky pleasure meters and pain detectors to guide your actions; the only aid you have is the bits and pieces of their curriculum vitae you remember, their delirious facial expressions and torn grunts and whimpers.

You then proceed to make them beg, deny them their orgasm and assure their application will be reviewed on common grounds, although you are almost certain they will inevitably benefit from some margin of human error.

Wouldn't something like that be great?

What I suggest is basically constructing a number of missions or questlines sensitive to employee type and preferences aimed at deepening your relationship past the colleague level. With engine-based cutscenes and ability to take NPC's and roam the lab and the outside together with them, locking them up in your bondage stations or taking them out to dance/dine/whatever the street outside the lab is supposed to be for.

Maybe some are so infatuated with you they see you as their one and only, some simply search for a skilled fuckbuddy and some are sexually confused (possibly by none other than you) and want to explore themselves, get some more experience and learn more about their boss in the process. Not unlike romancing your party members in RPGs, but not completely the same (much more fun and lewd).

What I also suggest is turning NPCs' workplaces into functional sex spots, just like racks and other rigs you manufacture downstairs, but exclusive to the employee working there and with no bondage in place; with a number of poses for each desk, those available determined by what stage your relationship is at as well as the specific NPC's sex and taste.

P. S. Yes, I want some actual plot in the game with furries, bondage and sex. Yes, the thought that I want too much did cross my mind seceral times. Yes, I do have a problem. Yes, all of the tomatoes thrown are welcome.

P. P. S. Apologies for all of the grammar and orphography mistakes, I am not a native speaker and my fingers are not nearly straight enough to type well on the smart. Not by a long shot.

I honestly like this idea it would bring a scenario most Companies frown upon :D