Hazmat suited doctor mode.

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You know how in the original game you were a disembodied prescence that just acted as a pair of hands? Well I'd like to see that again. Added as an extra mode, your characted is a sexless, ageless specieless sombody in a sealed hazmat suit. You can only use your hands and whatever tools you have access to and nobody you experiment on reacts to you as if you were a specific person.

This is for people who would like a slightly more proffessional working enviroment, or just want to focus on the person in the rack without anyone else taking up the spotlight.


Just a thought. 

Wouldn't some kind of a holography-based invisibility device with the ability to toggle visibility of your hands suit the purpose better? I can't speak for anyone but myself, but, if I were a client, I would feel pretty put off by a hazmat suit. I mean, I paid money to come here, you have my medical tests and know that I'm clean, so why do you need to treat me like I pose as much danger to you as radioactive nuclear station rubble?

Its a lab, for testing things. makes sense to me. But yeah, options.


Yeah, you're right about the disembodied presence. I have always found it curious how almost alien it felt in Rack 1 - even "performing tests" on "subjects". Imagine how creepy that would be if the expected doctor walked in like that. I fricking love this idea! The subjects could have no personal dialog, no "studs" and "bad boys". Or no dialog at all, while you wear that.