Android Species (and cyborgs/artificial bodyparts)

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A Species that is androids or robots, with body part options which there could basically be three types of; Cheap, Middle Class, and High End. Cheap parts would look like clunky parts with too much metal and exposed internals. Middle class maybe looks like less metals, smoother surfaces and plastics, hair in places, etc. High End would be space age materials, Carbon fiber/hexagon textures, shiny parts, Artificial skin and hair in some places, and high tech bits.

The body type would just be one for "Android" with differences for the body type ranges for the part quality. Other body parts, like Tails, Feet, Heads, would be Android versions of the other species parts. Even the heads, for whatever species the android was to be mimicking, or a few unique ones for just the classic "robot" look.

The Genitals Could be any number of things from being the same as other species with alternate textures (i.e. made to look like fancy materials instead of natural flesh), or perhaps even comical such as a giant Screw, or an overly simplified smooth rod.

These Artificial/Robotic body parts would also give the option for having Cyborgs, or just Characters with Artificial Limbs for one reason or another, and giving the game a bit more variety.

For those who enjoy the more "futuristic" or "space faring" settings, or just want to put something creative in.


Would actually be kind of interesting to have them set up as autonomous 'sex bots' to preform science on subjects in the background while you conduct your own business!

Ooh yeah that would be a great idea

i was just thinking about this very thing