Flame as a character trait.

Kirill Sasin 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 1

A bit of a disclaimer: what follows is an extremely resource-taxing suggestion. I would be perfectly fine with the outcome if it was rejected outright or if its consideration was postponed until after the optimization stagedue to technical limitations and the sheer amount of coding involved. However, in my humble opinion, it would be extremely cool to see this in the final version of the game, even if it was part of a post-release update.

Ability to create flaming characters, with the ability to fine-tune the flames individually for each allowed body part in terms of its intensity, color, temperature and sensitivity of all of the parameters above to arousal and stimulation levels. Possibly, with an extremely nerfed fire breath.

Adding additional dialogue for reaction to the fact the character is about to either fuck somebody as or be fucked by a living walking torch. Setting default interactions as temperature play adjacent if the used body part had been customized in this fashion and its temperature is sufficiently high or low. In a nutshell, integrating the system fairly smoothly by adjusting relevant behavioir patterns.

As I said, this is a really daunting challenge for the dev to code and implement this feature. Maybe it is even more of a challenge for whatever rig may run the game to not go up in flames immediately after a character enveloped in flames is shown. But a man can dream, right?

Because making a full-fledged demon or a somewhat functional dragon would be rad as hell. 

P. S. Recasting all of this for icy mist and cold breath would be amazing too.


Man just adding magical attributes would be sick as hell. An electrical aura, fire or ice like you said, or other stuff would be cool. Full support.