Options to be more sensual and romantic

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E.G; hand holding, caressing/massaging, kissing (possibly multiple kissing options, like the type of kiss and location of the kiss, such as the neck), flirting, romantic clothing (tuxedos, dresses, lingerie), makeup (any gender could apply it, lipstick could make marks on the body),

romantic lighting/background/music options, romantic decorations

(wine and glasses, fancy clothes strewn across the floor, heart-shaped chocolate, etc),

fuzzy handcuffs/other bondage, actual game functionality, like a love meter or something, so on and so forth.


This is an afterthought, but perhaps also romantic tables, like a bed, or couch, or even something like a blanket on the floor


To add to the romantic clothing options: panties, thigh highs/arm sleeves,  jewellery, loose clothing (like open shirts, underwear down on one leg, untied bowties loosely around their neck). These could all be worn by any gender


I support hand holding. This game would definitely benefit from including something so fresh and dynamic.


I support this all the way. I think that the game would be alot better if there was cuddling and snuggling.


The idea of a lipstick that marks on the body is really great.