Kirill Sasin 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

I do realize it is possible to play pretend and imagine that subjects actually taste and swallow cum when you suck them off and then kiss them immediately after they finish in your mouth, but it would be great if it was an actual game feature. Cum-string between your and subject's lips after you kiss and back away, facial animations to express whether they like it or not and implementation of the existing mood/preference system to decide whether they swallow it or spit it out. 

For instance, if the subject does not enjoy you trying to feed them cum, are they intimidated or submissive enough to swallow it anyway? Or if they do enjoy it, are they dominant/angry enough to spit it out regardless just to turn this into a confrontation? Does friendliness come into play at all?

Do they swallow it subtly, squirming and displeased as they go, or do they eat it loudly, empasizing each their motion and licking their lips for the few remaining drops, begging for more?

Do they give a damn whose cum they are about to swallow, and did they even see whose cum it is? 

That kinda thing.