Body/Facial hair/fur, Custom texture tutorial, Body part deformation?

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This is my list of things I feel people may want but are mostly just my personal desires, to be at a point where I feel like I have enough control over character creation to be fully satisfied, given how much is possible already.

1) Body/Facial Hair/Fur : A couple of presets (if possible given the already large variety of head shapes and such) for facial hair would be wonderful. I still haven't made a good looking beard in my messing around with embellishments. This could extend to other things, chest hair, armpits, etc. I am sure pubic hair would be nice, and personally, I would like to have a happy trail option or two.

2) Custom Textures : I may just be crazy but I believe i saw that custom textures are possible.  In my poor attempts to mess with game files and create some, I failed miserably. I am unsure what is required. A small tutorial would be nice to help those willing to test the water with custom textures. Again, I would personally like to have access to a happy trail type of texture. just a silly line down the front of the chest. I could not find a workaround combination to allow this currently, and it would be much simpler to have a texture instead of my dense line of fur embellishments attached to mis-colored chest textures.  A simple guide somewhere would work wonders, if it is even possible.

3) Part Deformation :  I won't have issue if this isn't possible, I understand the complexity this would open up. First off, I am thinking of scaling body parts differently. Have one arm longer or more buff than the other. That would be simple. But secondly and more so, partial/full deformation would be great.  Tear holes in parts like wings, add/remove fingers or limbs, things like that. Personally, I just want to deform an ear. Tatter it a fair bit, that's all. However I do not fault Fek or the game if it simply will never be possible. Extra polygons from deformation would surely screw things up on many levels.

TL;DR: People might like some preset body hairs, texture creation information, and part deformation. But I just really personally want happy trails outside of mass embellishments, and to shred an ear of mine That's all.

Incredible stuff so far though, Fek. I applaud you immensely.


I would definitely love to see body/facial hair! Especially beards! Armpit hair, happy trails and other such things also sound really nice.