Thoughts for inclusions (such as preference overlay)

Yugijak 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 3

Some thoughts came to me about things that might help the game along.  Not sure if you haven't considered these already or not, so I figured I might mention them.

1: Preference overlay.  I thought it might help people (such as myself) who tend to not be able to remember all the information about a subject's preferences.  So having something on-hand that acts as a reminder would be incredibly helpful.

2: Hard Grid.  I'll admit this is more because of slight OCD kicking in but a hard-lock grid for the placement of objects would be rather welcome so that it's easy to make things look clean and organized.  Probably won't happen because of the work involved, but still a thought.

3: Emotes/actions.  This one was more because I'd like to be able to crack my character's neck like Fek's character on the website does while in the elevator, but some emotes or minor actions would be nice, such as sitting while waiting for specimen to process.

4: Notifier.  Something you can hang in a lab to keep you updated on your packages and specimen count while working.  Only because it would make multi-tasking easier.  That and you'd be less likely to over-do things and waste specimen at later points in the game.

5: Notepad.  Kind of something that I think is a personal point, but having a notepad you can whip out on the spot to take notes and/or draft up math on would be nice, since it would also make sure you could keep track of things.

6: Subject memoirs.  If there's a favorite subject (specifically one that's made it easy to get hard-to-obtain chemicals) then it would be nice to be able to maybe commemorate something to them.  Like a plaque or something.

7: Customization of toys.  Again I think this is something you've thought of already, but being able to do more than change the color of toys would be interesting.  Like adding new mechanics to them such as vibration or the ability to ejaculate while equipped to a machine.

8: Limited tool use.  This was more so that the producers like the Material Synthesis Bay or the Gyro Dock would have more purpose, but perhaps toys could break after excessive use.  It would make sense, and provide a money sink, maybe even a way to add more upgrades to counter it (toy wear).

That's all I've got.  Thought it would be something interesting as opposed to focus on fetishes.

Had another thought.

9: Achievements.  Just so I can get 'now your fucking with portals'.


10: Subject transcripts. Not entirely serious, but I was thinking of the transcripts being typed up in the film "Brazil", which were all "AHHH, OH GOD, NO, DON'T, WHAT IS THAT YOU'RE PUTTING ON MY HEAD".


11: Lab Paint/Decals/Other:  Being able to customize the look of labs with decorations and decals, maybe even paint them, would be neat to see.  Might not be too hard to implement either.

12: Mid-session Requests:  Just something to spice things up a bit.  Have a random chance that a client will make an additional request in the middle of a session, or maybe that clients will ask you to do certain things to please or tease them.