Flag Racknet characters for auto hold / instant rename (copyright infringement)

Anonymous 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 3

Don't want to take the fun out of this, but it is necessary to think about inappropriate use of another person's character. Therefore:

Have an easy, integeated way to flag a character as copyright infringement that puts the char on hold immediatly OR immediatly assign a random name to the character.

Please no legal discussions in here, such a feature should be common courtesy, especially on a fandom where fursonas are often something very personal.

With the ingame assets used it would be easy to evade any trouble by just not using the name along with the design of another's character. Therefore the alternative to replace the char-name with a random name.

idea is good but that will need certain amount of flags to work, someone can and will flag them without reason.

best way would be to moderate them at certain amount of flags but that will mean human need to work on this so it is probably out of the way.


Sadly that would not be reliable, because who would flag them besides the owner? You could also mob up and have a group of mischiefs flag content. The instant rename and flag for review would be a good compromise, because it does not remove the character but fixes the copyright issue.

I rather see a character falsely removed or put on hold than some jokers taking your character, turning them into a subby slut and prostituting it through the official RackNET, which can cause trouble for Fek.

Of course you cannot keep anybody from creating any character and sharing the character files directly, but to keep Fek from getting into trouble this must be evaded on RackNET. It is a huge legal bear trap.


RackNET is a disaster waiting to happen .. sorry Fek, that's nothing personal, but I don't think this is a can of worms you want to swallow

I'm not saying RackNET doesn't have its uses, it sure does, but do those benefits out-weight the potential consequences of this mine-field you're charging straight into ..

.. I just don't want to see the game snuffed out, because people can't distinguish between what's mine and what's yours on the internet - or in the real world for that matter .. maybe I'm painting an overly dramatic image here, but I don't want to be THAT guy; " I told you so ... "