Fek you have a lot on your plate, how bout more devs?

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Why don't you hire some help?

I prefer to work alone for many reasons, including:

  • I really like the challenge of doing everything myself, as well as the recognition that comes with it. When someone hops in stream and says "wow, I can't believe you did this all yourself," it makes my dingly parts tingle.
  • I really dislike the legal side of working with people. I hate sending out 1099s, I hate drafting contracts, I hate tracking revenue and hours. But even more than that...
  • I hate the thought of just trusting someone to not be an asshat and fuck me over. There are a lot of great people in this industry, but there are also a lot of legitimate, literal psychopaths. To make things worse, empathy is often inversely related to talent.
  • Self-preservation is important to me. As soon as I start doling out jobs to anyone who can do something better than me, I will be out of a job. The expression "jack of all trades, master of none" is applicable to me. I will find a better artist. I will find a better programmer. I will find a better audio guy. The only reason I have a job doing what I love is because instead of paying someone else to do all my heavy lifting, I do it myself.
  • Practice. The only way I'm gonna get better at all of these things is to continue doing them myself.

Thanks for the elaboration, I did not see that post.


"it makes my dingly parts tingle."