Racknet Ui Optimization

Anonymous 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by Wren 3 years ago 1

Alright so my basic idea is to fix the rack net menu to make it more... I guess easy to find characters you would want I suppose?

I will simply direct you to a way of sorting characters in a way that has worked in another game, a fairly popular one called Spore. In Spore, if you were looking online you could see all these different cards and had many different search filters to use. When you clicked on a card you were presented with a 3D view of whatever was on the card. I think an organizational method much like the one in spore would be excellent to add to Racknet. Also it would be in keeping with the whole scientific theme.

I would also like to suggest 3 new voting types to add to Racknet. What I mean by this is three new categories. (Attractiveness, Concept, and Sexual Satisfaction) Basically Attractiveness is voted up for if you think that character is attractive and down if you do not. Concept is if you like the idea of the character or at least give the creator props for the idea even if you yourself are not attracted to it. Sexual Satisfaction, well, basically this is dependent on how you interacted with that character while they were in your lab, did you like all their fetishes and such? If so, Upvote, if not, Downvote.

Using those three new categories you could build a small system which could sort out common factors in these characters and in future, generate characters more suited to the person.

Some decent ideas here. Sometimes I feel torn on which way to vote for characters that I think are very well designed, but aren't to my tastes as a client.

Also, I noticed the "species" search parameter doesn't feel all that accurate, since a lot of us are just using a completely different species as a base to create our own.

Some other suggestions: A way to reverse any sorting parameters (i.e from least to most votes, oldest to newest)

Usernames, for those who want a middle-ground between being completely anonymous and sharing a personal email.

A stat showing how many people have favourited the character.

An arousal slider like in the character editor, since you can't tell what's inside slits/sheaths otherwise, and it might end up putting you off a character once you actually get them in your lab.