Poker Night at Rack Laboratories, where you win if you win and you win if you lose.

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The premise is simple: a simple game like Poker, or maybe Blackjack, or some other simple-to-implement / simple-to-play game where you can make bets. The in-game context would be you playing against other people who work at Rack Laboratories after the doors are locked. You pick a few fetishes, you assign which get employed with winning and those with losing (and maybe those involved with just playing; maybe the whole game is played with each participant under the influence of a vibrator! Or something) you both hop in your racks across from each other, and play! You get to enjoy watching the results.

Fun things to consider: Maybe the game is played PoV, giving you an intimate look at whatever Winning or Loosing looks like for your junk, while you click on in-game interactables (with your mind! Wom-wom-wom). Maybe the fetish involved will distract you or your opponent in some way -- that is, maybe the mouse becomes *really* jittery when you are under the influence of post-orgasm rubbing, or maybe you get to hear your opponent say 'Damnit I didn't mean to click that!' because they just climaxed mid-turn, adding to the strategy. Perhaps there could be achievements associated with it.


Alternatively: This is another card-based game I saw around somewhere, but I can't remember the life of me what it's called, but basically it plays like this:

You have a bunch of cards, all labeled with fetishes/toys/actions i.e. "give blowjob" "hit with crop" etc. one person goes 'on the table', and they usually filter the cards out to select their fetishes/ones they dont like. then they get naked and lay in the center of the table.
the players then draw a bunch of cards (five i think?) then lay 'claim' to a space on the person on the table, usually drawing in marker. but you cant start too close to erogenous zones (cant start on nipples, dick/vag, hands [or feet if the fetish is selected], or neck/mouth). but each turn you can either choose to play a card, or use the marker to 'move' one inch closer to the desired area.
if you're close enough, you can use a card and do what the card says on that area, or within a small range around the area. this can vary between a few intimate kisses to full-on fucking for a lucky soul.
if you run out of cards just havent made the subject cum, you lose. person who made the subject cum the most wins (if its tied, the one with the most cards left wins)

i'm not sure how hard this would be to code. probably a bunch of randomizers and auto-filter based around the subjects three most liked and disliked fetishes, alongside the player's filtered fetishes. maybe a small option for 'play card' or 'move' and under move would be 'move closer to... (lists nearby erogenous zones).' etc. i know jack shit about coding so idk if this would be hard or not.

but hey, something for consideration i guess? I'm a fan of sex-based games like strip-poker and such so personally i'd like this, but it might not be everyone's pickle tickler.


Oooh. Oooh. Maybe a matching game where on the cards are fetishes ... and you explore them as you make matches!

That, or of course, erotic go fish. Because erotic go fish.