Please remove colored lightning at showers

Varenvel 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by Pickled_Cow 3 years ago 3

It makes really hard to get color right on some characters due that orange colour on the lightning there really ruins way for you to pick color , and right now where is no other place to edit character

Would be nice to have just white colors , so when your actually editing "you know your getting color right" not "that your getting color wrong because orange color is layered on you as you edit

especialy if color has some minor tint , it just endsup looking orange and you cant tell if tint is too small or too big


Yeah, I've noticed the same issue sometimes.

I do like the warm lighting, but there ought to be a simple button to toggle it while editing.

yeah toggle would be nice or anything , i was trying to make white fox with light tint of blue for friend but tint is light and with current orange colors i cant get it right at all due that orange color overlapping:/

I too would like flat white lighing in the showers.