Zoo for taur, feral and marine species.

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What would this zoo do and how would it work?

Basically i imagine it like this, we would have second building on street that contains 6-8 rooms, rooms like terrariums, aquariums etc, in them we would display feral species and earn money by selling tickets.

in my idea things we could do in zoo would be:

- Reproducing/cross breedeng: if we would have for example 2 species of cat (with same model to reduce amount of work) we could make cross-breed species simply by mixing their furr pattern, maybe some body shapes could also be randomized and cross-breed, cross-breeding could have 1-3 simple animations, take time and could add some research resourcess.

- Displaying: simple activity like cat walking on its area, maybe playing with toy that we placed inside or each other, if random peoples would be visible watching them (clients) would be nice but in my opinion not necessary.

- Micromanaging: selling unwanted species, decorating walking areas, buying additional rooms and species, in simple words i would like it as simple tycoon game.
- Lore: analizing feral species mating habits of feral animals to find new way to gather research specimen for main laboratory needs.

Why i see this as a good idea?, impossible is to get in game species like taur, mermaid or feral as fully functioning in main activity but many of us likes idea of them being in game, this way of placing them would take some amount of work but i bet less than making several annimation skeletons for different species, cross-breeding animations simply can be static. this activity also would upgreade gameplay of game as a second big thing to do.

PS. sorry for bad English i tried my best

ehh formating of text went through the window in second half, sorry for that...

i see i got some dislikes, can any of you explain me whats wrong with the idea? maybe it can be improved

well if your reason of dislikes is just "i don't like ferals" well i can't do anything with it but consider please that its side activity that if accepted will be made late in development cycle and propably its only way to get ferals in normal form into game, also you can simplynever use it if you don't like..


Lemme attempt to explain even though there are others that would be better suited at explaining this.

1. Fek has already expressed, in a list that you've probably seen floating around here, that he will not be pursuing ferals and taurs. It's in his FAQ. I believe his exact words were "No." So that's gonna shoot this down pretty quick, and people downvoting are just doing their due diligence, but I'll continue.
2. Bestiality. I understand if you ain't alone in liking it. I understand, but others find it appalling and will downvote. I'm just bein' a messenger.
3. If you've been following Fek's development so far, you'll find he's still refining character animation. Just for one kind of skeleton. It takes a lot of work. It doesn't happen over night to make these things. Making time for taurs and ferals means time away from other, more vital things. This may be important to you, but it's not at the core here.
4. Your idea here has most likely already been posted by someone asking for the same thing that has already been downvoted. People may be downvoting you because of that. There are a lot of repeats here and you gotta look for em. That's your responsibility. I know your zoo thing is technically different than just ferals, but you probably could have gotten away with commenting to someone's past feral post.

Anyway, please accept that criticism. It ain't just about not liking.
For the record, the least someone can do is downvote and move along, even if they are misguided or ignorant. It's their right to express their opinion. Some people are mean and express these huge "DO NOT WANT" comments. You don't want that.
Have a good night.

1. i know it but he also told on exaly same website why, and on this explaination i base my idea, this explaining is on bottom of post but lets short it by saying that: he won't add them as a working SPECIES but will allow them in other way that don't need working skeleton so for example hard codded or static animations without skeleton, thats exacly what i posted and pointed in first post

"[...]impossible is to get in game species like taur, mermaid or feral as fully functioning in main activity but many of us likes idea of them being in game,[...]"

2. lets be honest all furry fandom is bestiality and all that different us is that anthro stand on 2 not 4 legs ;3

feral and anthro are not that different and have many forms, some more natural in looking some of them looks almost like anthro on 4 legs. or feral on 2 legs, simply look at this, where do you stop? ;3

i would say that game operate at "3" but would allow with skeletons 1 and 2, 4 and 5 need different systems because their body proportions.

and i tell it one more time, it will be SIDE activity any of you that don't like this don't need to ever use it. and game have option to disable some things so you can't even accidentaly come into it, downvoting becose you don't like ferals is just rude ;D...

3. as i told i don't wont it as a normal and functioning species but as side activity, i also pointed that "[...]cross-breeding could have 1-3 simple animations[...]" so it will not be a skeleton based, in simple words much less work and with accord with game faq

4. you thought i posted idea that i wanted simply a feral species as normal species, nope i want them as not animation connected side activity, different thing ;3

short story, i am trying to bypass problem with skeletons of main game with metod that will take not that much work as making whole new skeletons for every feral cathegory (amount of work for that... jesus) and will allow ferals to appear in game in somehow lore friendly way benefiting main gameplay way with optional money and research resources making option.

and for last ty for reply, i am just pointing some things to clear your thinking but after checking all 4 points you posted it went back all circle to "i don't like ferals" and some lack of understanding of the topic meybe you read only title not post ;3.

PS. i know what is on Furry.science and more than one time i was using it in other topics, there is a chance that this list seen was posted by me ;3

Why no feral/taur support?
The game is built around a single animation skeleton that is shared by every character in the game, a massive library of programmatic animations for that skeleton, as well as a single bank of body parts that are designed to snap into place with each other on top of that skeleton.

This system allows a pretty good amount of flexibility, but it only supports characters that stand on two legs and adhere to the rough shape of the skeleton. In order to support feral / taur characters, I would need to create (and maintain) an alternate skeleton, an alternate set of programmatic animations, and an alternate library of body parts for each.

This would effectively mean building an entire second game from scratch. The only parts of the game I'd be able to reuse for ferals/taurs are the pleasure/orgasm mechanics and things like movement, dialogue, inventory, etc.

It's simply too much work. There might eventually be some sort of hard-coded interaction that caters to the feral/ taur crowd, but feral characters will not be fully supported.

I hear you man. I did read your thing fully. I read this thing fully too. I kinda get where you're coming from, but I think you're massively underestimating the development process for these things. Hell, what the fuck do I know?
And hey, I get that you want these things to be optional, I do. I'm all for that. I hope everyone finds representation for their kink. I do. I respect everyone's kink. I have a fuckin weird fetish too I may never see represented, so I get where you're coming from.

Aside from that,
If you wanna know my main problem with bestiality, it isn't the physicality of it. It isn't the mechanics of it. And before I go in to this, I get that this is a game or whatever. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously. Hell, this isn't even what's important about the whole damn thing. What is is that there simply isn't enough development time to devote to this.
This is a hairy subject, and I'm probably going to regret saying anything... but fuck it I'm gonna say this anyway. I think everyone's problem with bestiality is that there is no way for a feral to give you consent. They are technically unthinking. You see where I'm coming from? Even if you wanted to make an argument that she/he/it wanted whatever you were going to give to it... it still doesn't have the intelligence to be able to make that decision. You understand what I'm saying? I know it sounds weird but even if it is well meaning, it's rape.

I really don't mean to offend you. I get where you're coming from, I understand you are most likely not a malicious person, but that's where the kink ends for me. Respectfully, I will now bow out of this debate. It's not worth having. I know what we will end up saying. I know the case you will make, or the hypothetical justification of "these are intelligent taur, etc..." We ain't changing minds here. I just cannot separate those things. I don't want to talk about it.


you point about consent is correct and i aggree with it we are taking about real word, but not exacly in furry fandom, in this fandom everything depends on author, if he make ferals consent they are consent, look at pokemon as en exampe they are mostly official consent and thinking ferals,most of them are 4 or 5 at image in my previous post, it depends on fek and maybe this topic how they will be in game (if will be anyway) and thats why i was asking to explain me what is not liked about my idea, i am only one person many of you have your own opinions problems and sugestions on this topic.;3

if you have problem simply with anthro-feral there can always be reproduction made by mating two of same species animals for example two wild cats in their habitat.

and to be honest i never imagined it as rape thing, and as rape it can't even be in a game (exacly same list you were pointing earlier) so i think this version we have out of our minds if even anthro-feral would exist it would need to be willing on both sides, maybe giving our feral a goody would make them more friendly and willing to us and make it possible only with "friendly" ferals, more gameplay good on ethics;3

and about development time, yes i know it will take time but not as much as skeleton thing and can be done really late in development after main game and most of common fetishes (or most liked) are finished or are near finishing

also i have some experience in game programming not that big its just a hobby for me and it simply don't need that many things to do, habitats can be script copy of each other, and have 2-4 places for play things (not sex, simply play for example climbing tree for cats) with simple hard codded animations, our feral would walk random between them on habitat, mating is another static animations, imagine it as cutscene with camera we can control. in comparison to main game it would be propably on difficulty of one of main systems for example on research difficulty or maybe little bigger on amount of work (models can take some time sadly so better would be to have same type of animals as simple reskins of each other, (tiger/lion etc)

i don't think it need ass many polished and parts as main game its side activity not whole second game ;)

and to be honest, i am happy to talk with you, not everyone needs to like same fetishes but everyone like/dislike counts so our chat can make few more likes for this topic by side effect or at least few less dislikes also its only topic i seen where almost all posts are long like an essay