Option for setting character's cum volume

jason 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 4 years ago 3

I really enjoy big cumshots so I would like to be able to set the amout of cum my character unloads to higher than average (maybe related to the size of the balls?). What also would be nice is that the longer the session takes between climaxing, the bigger the load will be.


I think there was a gel/paint for fluid volume in the first rack game which was seperate from the size of the subjects genitals so I assume it would be making a return. Though it would be nice to have more visual indicators of a characters cum production such as blue balls, balls swelling and weighing down the scrotum over time or even have it linked to the quantity of pre cum the character makes: low cum production would mean hardly any pre cum but on the higher end of the scale (if there is to even be a scale) it would be a non-stop river.


Start game

Load Game

Hit Escape

Find the "Open Game Files" Hexagonal icon and click it

Return game to Main Menu to prevent save file conflicts

Open savedata folder

Open yourcharacter.rackCharacterData with any text editor

Find the following lines of code


Edit those numbers. (But keep it them all under 5 at first until you're sure your computer can handle that much cum.)

Reload the save file in question.

Test to see if your character is producing the desired amount of cum.

Return to step 5 if not, otherwise, have fun.


Thanks for the tip! I will give this a try. Nevertheless I would still like to see this as an official feature in the game