Racial character creation

Alvos 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by suirodnemsa 4 years ago 3

A character-creation-menu with submenu instead of a list with all species in it.

Would become handy when more species are in the game. Like:

Canine -> Wolf, German Shepard, Arctic fox, Red Fox, Fennec, ....

Feline -> Lion, Tiger, Panther, Cheetah, .......

Equine -> Black Horse, Spotted horse, Unicorn, ......

Scalies -> Dragon, Raptor feathered, Raptor unfeathered, ....



assign to them mouse, shark or otter ;3 not every species can be grouped to this 6 cathegories and will need minimum 3 more cathegories: mammals, rodents and aquatic creatures, but idea is good.

lappine would have really small amount of species so maybe lappine change to mammal merged with rodents cathegory. but fish species still are a problem.

It doesn't have to be these 6 cathegories.

Maybe there are other and better cathegories for this, but it should give an idea instead of keeping a growing list with maybe 40 different species.


game FAQ tells "I expect the final game to have something in the ballpark of 75+ species available as default options, plus you will be able to easily create your own using the advanced editor." so better species selection is must, not maybe ;3