Underwear, Socks, Etc.

Anonymous 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 10 months ago 6

Given the Inventory UI, you are already likely to include more clothes options. I just wanted to formally suggest various types of underwear, maybe with the option to have sex with them opened/pulled down instead of removing them (as pants currently are)


speedos, jammers, trunks, thongs, etc :3


May I also suggest miniskirts? 


Yes to the socks.

all these suggestions are good, and I'd definitely be down for any type of underwear/lingerie fek want to add. I'd cast my vote for some crotchless panties or lingerie, or even extend that to the pants as well, so you could walk around fully clothed except with your pussy out. A great detail to add is if clothing got wet with juices, so you could see panties getting soaked with arousal.

yoga pants, especially if you can split them in the middle.