Night life

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probably a long shot (and most likely not something to add until the game is already done) but maybe add a bit of "off the clock" fun like maybe add a nightclub, shopping center where you can meet npcs (and pick up some new threads) and maybe even an apartment you can head back for some less sciency action sometimes? (or just bring them to the office as a volunteer)


A good idea, and something I'd be fine with. It is a long shot, but it would add an optional, more relaxed environment. Maybe something to think about.


A good idea in theory, but this is also a porn game, not an RPG. I'd love for more gameplay outside the lab to be added but we'll have to see if Fek is going to be up for a more open world.

I wouldn't mind the concept of a whole explorable town/city where you could scout out the competition (maybe have a quest-line involving a rival sex lab), check out clothing stores (like OP said), or pick up test subjects/advertise your lab, but this whole game is coded and modeled by one guy, and all that is a lot of work, since he would have to model each individual clothing option, model buildings and their interiors, code them, etc.

It's a really good concept but it would likely be late game/maybe DLC or expansion pack, since adding stuff like that could add a year or two to the development.