adding interactives buildings near the lab

Anonymous 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 5

strip-club, lingerie store, the character appartment, etc...


And why not a flower shop that sells specials aphrodisiac plants and vines for the tentacle lovers.

That sounds like an idea.


The apartment idea sounds cool, actually. Maybe you could seduce a co-worker, take 'em home.


All of this sounds good, vines, aphrodisiacs, and maybe being able to win over a stripper. Getting cheaper/free dances, becoming lovers, hiring them as your assistance/ maybe using them for publicity. Turning them into some hybrid, or whatever you they want, and then you could get extra business and perhaps getting a certain amount of the money they earn.


If hyper does get added, it would be a nice addition for a "dairy" store nearby the lab with a few previously dismissed subjects with hyper breasts/balls being milked and the produce sold on, perhaps earning a profit for the lab as well? Could also have digital billboards showing news feeds such as "local person has biggest (insert body part here) in the world" after you have dismissed a subject with that hyper body part.