All penises should be created equal!

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In game with all the sliders up to max the horse penis is nearly twice the size of all the other penises. I know horses are the know for having huge dongs but this is a furry hentai game and I think each dong should be able to reach the length of the horse cock. The randomly generated could keep the size difference through the specie definition files but If I create a character packing a maxed out doggy dong they should be the same size as if I had chosen a horse penis.


The would look very weird on every furry accept the horses. A horse dick is very long, but is also relatively slim the the rest of the genitals. While on the other hand, other animals have a pretty wide penis compared to the rest of their penis, which would cause a canine penis to be as wide as half their stomach. But if stretching subjects to the point that they split literally get ripped apart, then sure, why not.


By the way, I liked this post.


Lets be honest here most furry porn has characters with penises bigger than their species are suppose to have. A lot of it is larger than any human. and then you got the hyper sized characters. So a dog having a penis the length of the max size a horse penis can be in R2CK wouldn't be a stretch by furry porn standards. They wouldn't have to have the same portions but the same general length and girth wouldn't hurt.


When you know how the save files work, there is no such thing as a max size.

How can I do it?


Start game, load save file, hit escape, and then open the game's data folder by pressing the wrench and hammer hexagon next to the logo. Once you have the data folder open, exit Rack 2 or at least return to main menu before making any edit to your save files, this will prevent the game from undoing any edits you make to them, and prevent saving conflicts in general.

The files you want should be in savedata (or characters, if you want to edit exported players and favored subjects, volunteers and clients)

If you are editing your player character, the file you want is in savedata, and named "(your character name here).rackCharacterData", you want to open that with any basic text editor. Though I use Notepad++.

Ctrl+F and look for "penis". What you're looking for is in this area of the file.

A value of 1 is the highest the in-game editor is allowed to go. But the game won't check to see if they've been exceeded until you try to edit your character in the shower.