Fancy Vaginas

Luxx 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 4 years ago 4

Alternative vagina styles, beyond labia length and clit size. Could include cloaca, labia type, anthro looks (equine, canine) and vaginas hidden under plates that swell out when aroused for the scalies.

Vaginas are a lot more varied than a lot of porn games show so it'd be nice to see options.


also options for even weirder vaginas? maybe sergal-style vaginas with prehensile clit-hoods or floral-like vaginas (hard to explain, but imagine like a bunch of small tentacles coming out the opening?) obviously one could opt out of these weird vaginas but like if characters can have glowing blue dickmaws then maybe a weird vag would be cool too.

*obviously, animation limits are applicable so it would be understandable if this wasnt feasible


If the vagina has tentacles, they could be assigned to fuck the player in the ass. Or even fuck themselves while getting fucked.


This set by Coey Kuhn is good too.