Fake animal languages: just for amusement's sake.

Anonymous 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 3

In the languages menu, there would be an option for Animal Language. This is purely a silly mode, and basically replaces each word of dialogue (from English) with equivalent, species-appropriate animal noises. Like, "Bark woof growl bark." I imagine it would be rather humorous to have a subject shouting such things in the throes of testing. Anyways, it'd be purely for the humor factor. Just imagine a subject climaxing and shouting, "PURR MEOW PURR HISS MEOW!!!" Comedy gold right there, folks.

Okay, I'll leave.

Except "animal language" would be largely scent and visual based. A lot of 'vocal' communication for animals is usually mating calls, staking territory, generic threats, etc. Not enough to consist of a full language.


I like this, actually. Maybe have it in an optional "silly mode" game setting so people who prefer their porn to be srs bsns can disable it.


I like an item for it like animal sounds restriction collar and such, maybe with new customization effects like toy squeeks or changing some phrases to new ones. Though last can be something like mask (Chance: Source -//- replacement) but it is probably to complex so just animal collar is fun.