super powers

nammico 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 4 years ago 5

not exactly super powers, more plasmids/vigors from the bioshock series.

the thought process behind this is simple, if you're lab has an abundance of future-istic technology, then they probabaly have contact with extraterrestrials(this would coincide with the spicing thing)basically, make concoctions using alien plant/animal dna to give you're self(or you're subjects)powers(only less murder-time and more sexy-time)


you know, levitation, changing ones body at will, mind control, etc.


I don't really see what this would actually do.

we'll i not sure either now that i think about it, i initially meant it to be like a leveling system, the more noteriety you're facility got, the more likely people would come to you, and at some point, aliens would come to you and offer their people in as subject along with new technologys and samples for building things.


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