splicing/dna editing

nammico 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 4 years ago 0

the ability to combine the genes of you're self, and one(or more)subject's and implant the embryo in either a female/herm/cu/other's ovum/womb

alternatively, you would have the option to sew, fuse, or other wise, combine two or more subjects into one.

with this feature you can create things like two headed dragoness's, or multi-limbed lioness's ETC

with dna editing, you customize physical attributes such as height, weight, species, sex, facial features, bodily features, sexual features(will his jizz be green and glowing or a dull pink, will she have live births or lay eggs, how many breasts will he/she have, how many testicles, how many ovaries, how many penis's, ETC)and phsycological attributes, like sexual preference, sexual interests, and many more!