Calibration of the Machines: If you don't zero your instruments, how will you know they're working?

Anonymous 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

Scenario 1: Your orgasm-detector isn't working, and one of the female subjects has been dastardly FAKING climaxes! You need to go in and re-calibrate the machine. Set her up however you want, and try to figure out when the orgasm motions she's going through are real; use dead reckoning, use close-up views of certain bits, use post-orgasm stimulation, use whatever -- but get the machine back up!

Scenario 2: Subjects have been climaxing early, because the Edge detection unit hasn't been precisely tracking their pleasure buildup. Some poor subject, either gender, needs to get edged for quite some time to get the thing back on track, using nothing but your wits.

Scenario 3: The automated devices -- vibrators, penis-milkers, whatever -- that are SUPPOSED to automatically edge subjects have been letting them climax early! This is similar to the issue in Scenario 2, and is solved in an analogous way: use the device on a subject and manually turn it up/down to edge them so that it can be calibrated properly.