Audiable Heartbeat

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A trope found in most games, heard when a character is low on heath, though in this instance it would play the harder and faster the character is stimulated, perhaps synchronized with the rate the heart on the monitor is blinking at.

The character's heart rate would change depending on the amount of action they're receiving. From slow and subtle while resting, to swift and pounding when they're about to climax, with a period of slowing down after the climax is reached.


*slaps forehead for not suggesting this before*


Considering it's called the Anticipation meter it makes sense to have the heart icon move in time with the subject's perceived heartbeat and have its change in size correspond to how hard the subject's heart is beating (small to large for hard beats, small to medium for regular, etc). I think it would also add an extra layer of immersion to either hear the heartbeat or have an EKG sound getting louder and more rapid the closer they are to climax. Maybe some skipped beats during climax itself.


A year old, but hey.

IIRC, the Anticipation meter in the original RACK had a heartbeat that would speed up with the subject's own heart, so it wouldn't be too far of a stretch.


I up this idea.

For improving the experience, maybe a toy like a stethoscope could be cool.

For example : listening to the NPC's heartbeat while getting aroused and get a different heart sound according to the stethoscope position. 

A doopler could be also an alternative.

It could be also interesting to hear the playable character's heartbeat during sex session (as said before, in other videogames, the hb is heard as the character is low in health) but the NPC gets the stethoscope/doppler and listens to yours.