Interaction without continuous user input.

Zeopard 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by Pickled_Cow 4 years ago 3

Currently (unless I am mistaken) one must hold down the left mouse button to perform actions when interacting with test subjects. Releasing the button immediately cancels the action.

I propose an option to allow a click to begin the action with another click to cancel the action so that left click (or the assigned button) must not be continually held down lest the action be cancelled.

This suggestion's approval or dismissal is meant to be about simply the idea of interaction without constant user input. The following examples are just chatter on the subject that goes much further, but all would require the ability to continue an action without continuous input.

Perhaps going further holding down the button (or another input method) could allow recording of movements to be repeated until cancelled. If various parts could act independently this would also allow multiple actions if appropriate animations existed, such as fingering an anus while performing oral interaction or other combinations with reasonably feasible animation.

This topic is a rather advanced idea on the subject related to toys/machines, but I am also talking about player character actions:


Taken perhaps too ambitiously such a system would allow quite a bit of customized automation if a gambit-like system were possible with the player character as well as machines/toys. At its most simple though, this suggestion is just to offer the option to not require holding down a button at all times.


I've been assuming this whole time that we would eventually get a "hold space to record your actions" function like we got in Fek's earlier title, Bedplay.


I guess an automated, or semi-automated mode would be nice. But it could be a feture that's an unlockable. Like... the rerequisites could be a short ladder of steps to achieve it.
1. Discovering the lab "helper bot"
2. Ordering it by Archimedes' office.
3. Producing the bot's extensions, like dildo, paddle, vibrator, and cyborg paw to perform manual interactions.

4. Finally, before the bot starts to help out, you need to actually TEACH him the moves and actions. So, with bot active, you need to perform the preferred action to teach it. Then you just choose the recorded and labeled action, and get the on/off button to use it.


... So are we getting the "hold space to record your actions" button from Bedplay? Because I don't want to bother with a robot if I'm just using my dick.


Oh wait, you're not Fek. You're some guy named Fri.