Additonal Embellishment Sliders

Pickled_Cow 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

Currently, each embellishment gets 4 sliders; Size, Tilt, Twist and... more twisting I guess? Not really sure what the 4th does to be honest.

I suggest 3 more; X shift, Y shift and Z shift. X and Y shift are just to nudge where you placed an embellishment, and Z shift are to rise and sink an embellishment into the avatar's body.

Say you want the horn but not the nub on the base of it? Just sink the nub into body with the Z shifter and use X and Y to correct the horn's position if that throws off where you wanted it!

Want body parts barely floating near your character's body, just like in your favorite anime? Just use the Z shifter to rise the embellishment off your character's flesh! It's not weird! It's not weird at all!