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Either as an embellishment or some sort of inventory type that can be changed.

Notable types would be facial (ear, nose, lip, eyebrow), nipple, genitalia (clit, penis, labia), and navel. Perhaps a generic body piercing as well.

If it becomes an inventory item, there could be vibrating types in the gyro dock.


Yess! And being able to change what the piercing was would be big for me. Hopefully being to to make a clitoral piercing, which is a bell, like so: https://e621.net/post/show/387371/5_fingers-anthro-areola-bell-belly-big_belly-big_n Maybe with the option to make it bigger or smaller depending on your tastes.

body piercing for the win, yes. Also work well with physics  and interaction with grabbing.


Yes, I would like a PA with a giant hoop


imagine having a tongue piercing, and changing out the jewelry for a vibrating piercing and giving head. that would be nice