Programmable Machines/Toys

zoop 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

A late game feature to add programmable conditions to automate sex toys.
For example, could add conditions like:

If Climax <= 90% then Speed = 100%
If Climax > 90% then Speed = 0%

or stuff like

For 1.0 Seconds Speed = 100%
For 0.5 Seconds Speed = 50%

They could just be pre-made logic blocks/options that don't actually require programming knowledge, just a selection of "Conditions" and "Actions" you can choose from and add.


This reminds me of Final Fantasy XII. Unlock/research available conditions to set. I could see this working like Gambits in that game, if implemented.

I don't know of the feasibility but it could get really interesting if such a system could even control toys based on the status of other characters too.

Examples of the Gambit interface:


Aha yes exactly! I was trying to remember which FF did this myself earlier, I never played it myself.

Actually pretty sure lua script can be integrated for this. Doesn't sounds too complex aside lua wrapping. Still better than such conditions or custom DLLs.