Programmable Machines/Toys

zoop 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 4 months ago 4

A late game feature to add programmable conditions to automate sex toys.
For example, could add conditions like:

If Climax <= 90% then Speed = 100%
If Climax > 90% then Speed = 0%

or stuff like

For 1.0 Seconds Speed = 100%
For 0.5 Seconds Speed = 50%

They could just be pre-made logic blocks/options that don't actually require programming knowledge, just a selection of "Conditions" and "Actions" you can choose from and add.


This reminds me of Final Fantasy XII. Unlock/research available conditions to set. I could see this working like Gambits in that game, if implemented.

I don't know of the feasibility but it could get really interesting if such a system could even control toys based on the status of other characters too.

Examples of the Gambit interface:


Aha yes exactly! I was trying to remember which FF did this myself earlier, I never played it myself.

Actually pretty sure lua script can be integrated for this. Doesn't sounds too complex aside lua wrapping. Still better than such conditions or custom DLLs.


this would be a really neat feature, and would give quite a bit of customization to the toys. I know you can already keep a subject on edge by using inhibitrex and then constantly providing stimulation, but it'd be nice to be able to program a toy to get them to edge, then stop and let them cool down a bit before bringing them back to it. You could also use this to make toys that automatically ruin orgasms, just program a vibrator to something like if climax >99% then speed =0, so that as soon as they tipped over the edge the vibrator turns off.