True Herms

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an issue that's often present when it comes to herms...is the fact that they're not really herms...but rather, they're either Dickgirls...or have a body that's entirely female...for the exception of a dick.

my suggestion, is for the Herms to have a genitalia that's a functional mix of both male and female sex organs...but also fitting for what they are (example: Bladder and its urethra would be on the vaginal part, while the prostate and its urethra would be independent from the bladder, and instead channels itself throught the penis. the gonads, would also be either dual-purpose [Ovaricles/Testovaries] or, it would just be both types on their respective zones)


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I played with the client generator after reading this. Which it has the option to for masculine hermaphrodites, it doesn't give them flat chests. Meaning that if you wanted both masculine and feminine hermaphrodites in the same batch of clients, you would not be able to tell the difference.

Aside from that, I believe what Valhallen19s is asking for is another set of genitals, one dedicated to intersex characters.


rather, I aim for a genital set that's counting as BOTH (like, a vagina with a functional penis for a Clitoris)

not just a chick with male sex organs, or a guy with female sex organs (so as to biologically speaking)...but rather....someone (regardless of apparent gender or sexual identity) who's packing BOTH functional genitals at once, so it can both impregnate or get impregnated depending on the situation ;D

also...I do not possess the game, so I can't tell at all what works or not with the client generator (me, not having money at all, means that I cannot donate to Fek...nor know myself if certain options are indeed available for the game)


There are seven genders already available in the game. From left to right, they are:

Female, Male, Andromorphic Female, Gynomorphic Male, Hermaphrodite, slightly less girly Hermaphrodite, and exotic gender. Which is code for missing junk evidently...


C-boys, D-girls, and true herms AND M-herms are already in-game ^_^


Already in the game. The random generator doesn't differentiate between mherms and fherms yet, but it DOES already have the herm genitals you're describing (essentially a vagina with a penis for a clit).

YES!!!!~❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ *hugs*

THANK YOU FEK!!!! (fun fact: I did WAS bisexual in the end....however, back on the days, I didn't knew it at all as I still needed to find the stuff that I liked from males as well :V) hahahahaha!