kyle foxson 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated by FrozenFurry 3 years ago 4

have a multiplayer server feature so when u play can have more then one person on one test subject. or have a massive multiplayer server so other people can show off their character socialize and even interact with each other like u interact with the test subjects.


He already said something about multiplayer... on the last phase, or something like that


I'll upvote. Personally though, I'm not so hot about the idea of MP, as I am about semi-intelligent "bots" that could run around, follow you, or you could leave on a subject with some simple commands, like stroke a subject and get their anticipation up, make them cum to harvest specimen from them, try from a list of toys, checking off what does and doesn't make them cum, that kind of thing.


I think a 2 - 4 player mode would be cool. Private servers would be best but I'm not opposed to public ones.
Hopefully this is something Fek can do. We'll just have to see what he can come up with since I know he's interested in some kind of multiplayer interaction.


Yeah, maybe you can join a game with someone else if they make it public, or they can make it invite only, and also have a max of 2-4 players, like what Wolfgang Doghouse said.