Blindfolded Minigame: Guess what things are being done to you!

Anonymous 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

You'd access this minigame when you've volunteered to be a subject. You're strapped in and blindfolded, and the screen goes black. Looking down in the direction of your own body, you may not be able to see it, but when you're touched by your handler in whatever way, that isolated part of your body glows. For example, if the handler runs their fingers down your side, you might see five glowing points moving in the darkness, following the contours of your body. Each touch or tool would need a unique touch-signature. While you're strapped in, you can make guesses through some interface as to what sort of things are happening to you.

Twists on this would be things like: a) Earplugs, yay or nay; b) different colors are associated with different sensations (blue for cold, orange for hot, red for pain or discomfort, white for pleasure, etc.); c) some kind of reward system, maybe tallying your right guesses at the end of your session and giving you some kind of perk or achievement; d) guesses can get gradually more specific (Something's happening to my vagina -> A dildo is being inserted -> It's an equine dildo -> It's GREEN) and more rewards are given for more specific answers.

Challenges: a) multiple things can be done at the same time; b) things only happen for a limited time; c) intense stimulation makes your character (and the UI) shake so it's hard to render guesses, but obviously not impossible; d) maybe parts of your body get 'desensitized' to a degree, and have a persistent glow that makes it hard to tell what's being done to that part; e) some toys have similar 'light profiles' so distinguishing them can be hard.