Ability to pose your character/more poses

Tabaritt 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 6

I would love the ability to enter a posing mode of some sort, similar to the posing feature in the character creator but you can pose at any time instead. I think it would make taking screenshots much more fun and diverse. Adding some more poses would be great as well, such as bending over, kneeling, spreading butt cheeks etc.


Feel free to suggest your own pose suggestions in here ^^


Do you mean a dynamic gameplay pose editor or just something to set up photos?


Like the pose selector in the character creator, perhaps made to be used with a specific hotkey, so you can walk around wherever and then select a pose to perform. Nothing too complicated like custom poses, just a decent sized set of pre-made ones. If that makes sense ^^


would be nice if they faced stomach down for doggy style


Maybe a missionary position with open legs... Or am I asking for something too much?


To be honest, I would like to see that too, as well as the doggy style (or on all fours) pose.