In-game AR for characters: Because you need more reasons to make VR recordings of your sesions.

Anonymous 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

Goggles for your subjects to wear so that you can make them watch erotic stuff -- specicically content you've staged and recorded. Ideally, you could clear out a space in the "real world" and project what they're seeing into that space for double the fun. Some extensions/consequences of this idea: you have another context in which to record your sessions; you can have objectives about making someone watch things they do/don't like in combination with other activities and do science with the results; you can watch the scenes as they're playing out for your subject, and maybe do things in time with it -- have both your subject climax at the same time the person in VR climaxes, for example; gives good fodder for hands-free orgasms; you could set out a circle of subjects around the AR scene in the middle and have them witness a gay scene and see which one gets the most aroused from it -- and, of course, do science with your findings; could do pranks with co-workers. Might have already been on the to-do list, so sorry if this is a repeat!