Foolish Thief: Garrett you are not.

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TL;DR: Someone broke in, managed to get rack'd, and needs to be taught a valuable life lesson. You're encouraged to be mean / vulgar (though still not outright injurious, obviously), moreso even than the paid subjects. Could be gated behind the purchase of a security system, the A.S.S./F.U.C.C.C. (Automated Security System / Fully-Unfair Catcher of Cunts and Cocks) or something equally ridiculous).

Description: So, you've had your morning coffee, and you're ready for a day of work -- fun work, but still work. You head down the elevator ... and there's someone already in the Blue Room rack. Wait. You hadn't scheduled anyone to be in there yet. What gives? Upon investigation, you discover someone who had broken into the facility to ... who knows. Maybe they were placing a camera somewhere for a lifetime's supply of porn; maybe they were there for the awesome constellation of dildos; maybe they were a moron doing an awful YouTube video on "DIY Breaking and Entering." Either way, somehow, they ended up strapped into the chair, and you discovered them. You can a) let them go, b) turn them over to the police for a reward, or c) ... have "fun" with them, in which you're encouraged to be mean / vulgar to them for their cumuppance. Of course, there's a limit -- we're not recreating Saw movies -- but a night of intense experimentation is probably more desireable than a year in prison.

Could be tied to a security system you can buy; like, maybe one of the items researched is the A.S.S./F.U.C.C.C. that doesn't have a clear function, but once bought, will give you 'robber' scenarios like this one. Because. People break in. A lot. For some reason. Something about this society having troubles with personal boundaries.


Could be good, but I'd rather this scenario without the implied non-con/dub-con. maybe they get caught by the security and you personally give them the option of going to jail or paying off the damage they caused by contributing to the 'research'. their response could be randomized or you can tweak the game somehow to always have one particular response.