Bright light filters and a camera for screenshots

Anonymous 10 months ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

This one may sound silly, but I suffer from Epilepsy. And it can make me feel sick if I see bright lights. I didn't used to have this problem. I love video games, but it can be disappointing that I can't do certain things because of this condition. It would be nice to have a filter that reduces the brilliance of blue/white lights (if it hasn't been incorporated already). Most people would say I should just quit doing what I love, but I don't think that's any way to live. That said, I can understand if there are more pressing things for you to worry about. (I did some coding, so I get some of the hair pulling that comes with it. So I won't be heartbroken if it doesn't have that feature. I get it.) But it would be a refreshing setting to see in a game.

As for the camera idea. I loved the ability to take screenshots of my character/environment like I witnessed in Far Cry 5. It was a simplistic feeling systwm to be able to take a picture and save it as a background or whatever else we wanted it for. I know this is an entirely separate rabbit hole to deal with, but it might make for an interesting feature down the road. (Oh and perhaps add a green screen room?) I better stop before I get too creative. Just some ideas to kick around if you want to.

Thanks for all the effort and time you are putting into this project. I know it will be a dream come true for many people out there and will be a grand stride in the fanbase. Keep up the amazing work, and don't drive yourself too insane from all the hard work you're putting in!