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Browser support

Anonymous 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 5 months ago 7

I would like this game to be support on the browser,like rack 1. I enjoy rack 1, and I do not want to download rack 2, do to a shared PC with minors on a separate user, so plz make rack 2 a browser game as well (does not have to be right away of course, you've got enough on your plate.

Dev Response

This is something I'd like to do, but might not be able to do, due to technical limitations.


Would it work if you made a dumbed down version, or demo? like, 50% of the game+character creation is for download, but for the other 50%+being able to play as the other custom characters (but not make them) for the browser?


The main game should in no way be compromised graphically/feature/scope wise just so it can run in a browser. Just like how nothing about the game should be compromised just because someone out there wants to play the game on an 8 year old netbook.


I never said compromise the game. I said make a second, demo version, for the browser. Less work for fek, lets people look at the game on the browser, and if people like it, they download the rest.


make the racknet browser supported, or in game browse where you can visit... idk youtube

The problem with the browser version is that the only reliable way to do it is with the HTML5 Web GL build, unfortunately it's unreliable. There is also the Webplayer, but that requires a special plugin, which won't work in Chrome and possibly any new modern browser in the future what with them ditching security-hazard plugins in favor of HTML5. The Unity Flash build is useless and hasn't been worked on in ages.

Your only best hope to play this game is through downloading it to your compute or hope that Unity gets it shit together for the HTML5 player.


An alternative would be a "standalone" executable, which can run from and which stores application data on a USB thumb drive.