Interaction sounds volume

Anonymous 11 months ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 10 months ago 1

It's not a game crashing bug, so I couldn't report it on the bug section.

I doubt it's even a bug, but with the world volume maxed, I can just BARELY hear the sound of licking or smacking when interacting with the subjects. It would be nice to have it audible without having all volumes up to max, which would save some people's ear drum from bursting from sound of elevator, sliding doors, and rain/

Or perhaps a different volume option for it linked with planned grunting/moaning?

EDIT : I found an option in save data file to manu

ally change the sould of sex sounds. It's somewhat limited and only interactable through the XML but it is a workaround for people who really need this!

The exact file name is 'user.rackSettings' and is editable by anyone. The location of file is the following;

Users\ YOUR_PC \ AppData \ LocalLow \ Fek \ Rack 2_ Furry Science \ savedata

The default value of that option is 0.5

Just change the <sexSquishNoiseVolume> shown above. I've lowered <volWorld> in order to not get ear breaking rain noise or bridge snapping noises, and it's working great for me.

One last thing is, keep your game closed when you edit this, also if the setting keeps changing back to 0.5 or whatever it was, go to Graphic setting in your game and turn off the option that detect your system.