Hemi-Penis (AKA dual-dicks) either species limited (sharks, lizards etc.) or possible for everyone

Kiyomaru 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 1 year ago 7

Since it is possible to vote on sharks, I think it would be a good idea to vote on, if people want the inclusion of hemi-penis. Though the bigger question is, if that is actually doable with fek having to create a entirely new skeleton from scratch.


Considering the character creator lets us mix and match with out limitation, I personally just look forward to the day that Rack2 enable us to have a conventional coaxial double dick.

Like one as depicted here.


why stop at just two. why not allow for i n f i n i t e d o n g.

okay but the ability to have more than one penis would be great.


What level of functionality are we asking for here though? Something as simple as a penis-shaped embellishment to add near to the groin, or going as far as to have unique interactions (e.g. double penetration) with the dicks? And how much customisation will be possible? Will both have to be the same size, length, type, etc. or can we mix and match, like having a sheath containing a canid member hiding a slit with a horsecock below?


For functionality what would be expected is that you have a special interaction (aka doble penetration) and that is not just something aesthetic, as far as costumisation would go it would have to be limited to the same type with the same proportions (size, length) so that it can be tested and implemented with a lower margin of error than if it had a separate customization.

Even having it as a cosmetic would be hard to code with the game's existing animation skeleton and sex positions

really good idea