Feature: Option to reduce the head bob and similar camera movement

NeitherMeNorYou 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 1 year ago 2

Currently when playing the game the camera is causing me nausea due to the "forced" camera movements like bobbing when walking, as well as that the camera follows the test subject if the camera is focused on a particular body part, for example the pelvis.

As such I would like to see an option that either removes those movements, or drastically lessens them.

For movement of the player character I would prefer if the camera were simply a set amount of height above the model, instead of centered on the head, that would allow the camera to glide on a straight path when walking. Alternatively the movement could be dampened based on a slider, from full bobbing that perfectly follows the character's head, to a drastically dampened version that only moves slightly and slower.

For the camera movement that follows a test subject's body parts I'd prefer if the camera simply wouldn't follow the body of the test subject, i.e. the camera stays stationary in relation to the chair/room instead of being stationary in relation to the pelvis.

TL;DR: Option (toggle or slider) to remove (or lessen) the headbob when walking, as well as lessen the movement of the camera during interactions with test subjects.

This especially bothers me. I tried looking in the game files to find a way to at least minimize the camera motion, especially during orgasm, but couldn't anything for it. 

The main turn-off for move first-person games that keeps me from playing them is head-bobbing.
its one of the only things that make me extremely motion sick. even if you could lessen the head-movement, an item similar to a Go-Pro in the Character Creator that you can switch to but is fully invisible outside of the creator would solve this issue without sliders.
you could also attach it to various parts to get a chest view or penis view.