Some control based notes & ideas.

Rose-a-pod 1 year ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 9 months ago 1

Considering all of the hard work you've been putting into this game i'll understand if these go unnoticed.

Certain actions should have a different means of control , spanking or smacking as well as future and current breathplay actions should be a click and hold instead of circling the mouse like a mad-man. Whether it be RMB or LMB with that action is up to you if possible.

Facesitting is a form of breathplay , some people are wanting flatulence to be in the game but sniffing is pretty similar IMO. The facesitting action would be


2:Sit (oral more or less)


Plus choking is a pretty common fetish (dunno if it's in the game already or not) 

Hand 'tool'



An apology option would also be nice as I suck with my mouse and end up hurting clients on accident ;-;

Annnnnnd there are some freaky bugs in character customization , but i'm sure those have already been reported.

Like tell me how you'd be able to breathe with this phat a** on your face