Translations need more space for texts

César 1 year ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 1 year ago 3

I'm translating the entire game into Spanish to improve grammar and remove google translations, but more space needs to be added to the text boxes.

Short concepts are used in English, but not in other languages. And a game that can run at 1920x1080 has plenty of space.


And if a Spanish-speaking person has a screen of 1366*768, what then? Go and buy FullHD???


Before answering you should understand better what is being asked.

I recently finished the french translation for R2CK and i'm really thinking i should be a lot easier to add translations if each language have is proper file.You can simply copy/paste the English file and renaming it for each language (keeping only english and translations language). This is allowing translators to just see the translations to do and keeping English original text if not translated.

I'm pretty familiar with game translations and the above remark is pertinent, some languages need a lot more characters space (like french). . Male/female player nodde seems not working in menus