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Naturally-occuring "mismatched genitalia" in randomly-generated characters

Kiyomaru 4 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 4 years ago 3

e.g. knotted horsecock on a wolf

I know this is not a thing for everyone, but hear me out. In the preference option your can adjust a slider for animal genitalia on test subjects, as well as (un-)natural fur colors, so that idea wouldn't be far off. Maybe you could add a slider that basically manipulates the probability of that occuring (setting it to the lowest setting disables it completly) and if a subject is selected by that method it will have a random set of privates.

Of course I would understand if that is too difficult to program. Some additional input would be nice.

Dev Response

Programmatically feasible, no worries there


It already happened here, I saw a tiger with knot and dog cock

and also a buffed bear with horse cock...


Reminds me of CoC...yasssss