augmented reality

grumpycaleb 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 2 years ago 3

basically to allow devices that are handsfree masturbation devices that simulate the speed of the player character fucking the test subject


of course, it has to be provided if the player already owns one and please make it not necessary as well.

I've heard of some of these devices but they usually go with some form of premade video and usually have proprietary software to interface with.it. Though this does sound interesting, could you give examples of these devices?

I believe that Fek stated on his Trelllo that he wanted to work on virtual and augmented reality.

Fek could easily scrap the idea if it doesn't look right, like the human model ideas.
if by you mean Augmented Reality you mean like the HTC Vive and such, models on those types of systems are very easy to mess up, and even the best systems are still on a type of "alpha Stage" of understanding and development.