Various tiny appearance customizations.

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Knot max/min diameter
Tongue width / shape customization. Tongue play?
Tail base diameter, taper ratio, tail tip taper ratio
Ear height/width/taper - Better floppiness
Snout length/width/taper
Better/different teeth - or a custom teeth inlay system

It's the little things :)


would a slider dependent on the movement of the mouse like in The Sims 4 help for "morphing" certain aspects of the characters?



So, I think movement similar to that could be useful for editing the body structure, but I see it being a bit problematic in coding structure as well as visibility in-game. For Instance, if you have a character with multiple color shades and different body forms (say a bunny to a dragon) getting sliders like that to work cross-user and making it easy to see exactly what your editing just screams danger to me.

I was thinking more something akin to an "advanced" page with sliders and maybe selection triangles (similar to ESO creation) for those of us with a boner for that "well if it was MY knot, it wouldent get THAT big during orgasm" level of realism.

and I could be wrong, but a lot of variables should already be in the game, just not so much editable by the user as of yet, so giving the user the power to edit little details to thier hearts content would be the goal here.