Goo/Slime TF mechanic

DeCrypte 2 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas 0

Introduction a TF mechanic? Where a slime/goo/latex like liquid can be genetically coded and stored until a human or a furry subject is selected to be the host.  The user can choose whether the host maintains their consciousness and personality, or be replaced and took over during the creation phase of the organism. Also, the user could choose if the organism is infectious or not, meaning the user or the other subjects could also experience this kind of a gooey madness ;).  And then after the organism’s first creation (if the user chose that it has its own consciousness), it will overwrite the host’s physical and emotional stats (i.e. gentle treatment during research and the outcome would be a loving, friendly new personality, if the player rushed for progress & achievement and treated the slime harshly, then they might despise the player and would not cooperate or demand high payment, etc. but negative traits can be eventually canceled out with each ♂♀ if you know what I mean).  But yeah just thought this would be fun but at the same time pretty hard and challenging to implement (?) Anyways let me know what ye think eh? :D