Character Customization improvements and more

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Hello, I would like to share some suggestions :

Character Customization :

  • Color And Markings : Add an option "Not applied to" to each marking.
  • Color And Markings : Add "Applied to" and "Not applied to" to "Base Color" so you can put the fur and the color wherever you want easily.
  • Sex Organs : Add another slider to adjust the Nipple Size without modifying the shape of the "spike".
  • Sexual Characteristics & Sexual Preferences : Add a visible percentage to each slider so we can adjust more accurately.
  • Sexual Characteristics : Add another "Sensitivity" slider to adjust at which speed "Stimulation" begins to hurt, so that you have the original slider "Sensitivity" to adjust at which speed the character enjoyes and the new one to adjust at which speed it is hurting. If the character new "Sensitivity" slider is maxed it means that you can go as fast as you want he will still enjoyes it even if his original "Sensitivity" slider is a low value, but if the new "Sensitivity" slider is at 0% it means that as soon as you go a bit too fast it will hurt him.
  • Sexual Characteristics : "Voyeurism"/"Empathy"/"Antipathy" sliders like in Rack 1.
  • Sexual Characteristics : Add "Penis Size - Vagina" and "Penis Size - Anus" sliders to adjust at which penis size the character enjoyes the most, bigger penis may hurt.
  • Sexual Preferences : Add "Penis Size", "Breast Size", "Butt Size", "Muscle Definition" and "Adiposity" preferences.
  • Sexual Preferences : Divide most of the sliders into at least 2 sliders (Male and Female (and maybe the other genders)) to adjust each preference for each gender because someone mays prefer a smaller female partner but also a larger partner if his partner is a male.
  • Sexual Preferences : Make two "Hermaphrodites" sliders as well, one for each hermaphrodite type that appear in the "Client Preferences" Options : male body / female body.
  • Sexual Preferences : Add "Being In Control" preference to know if you prefer that it's your character who is in control during sex or if you prefer that it's your partner who is in control.

Others :

  • Cpin : Add an interface to shows how much % chemicals a subject has in him.
  • Pleasure Self : Add the action to "Pleasure Self" wherever you are and when you sit on a chair.
  • Cpin : Add the action to use "Cpin" on yourself.
  • Dildo : Add the action to use "Dildo" on yourself.
  • Hand : Add the action to use "Hand" on yourself.
  • Mouth : Add the action to use "Mouth" on yourself if the character's dick is big enough, and maybe on the breast too.
  • Mouth : Add the action to use "Mouth" on the nipples of the subjects.

That's all and sorry for my bad english.


Additional suggestions :

Character Customization :

  • Sex Organs : Add "Scrotum Shape/Tighness".
  • Sex Organs : Increase the maximum penis size.
  • Sexual Characteristics : Make the characteristics descriptions clearer with explanations of what a low value means and what a high value means for each characteristic.
  • Sexual Characteristics : Increase the maximum "Cum/Squirt Volume" and the maximum "Orgasm Duration".
  • Sexual Characteristics : Add "Pleasure From Pain" slider. A high value means the character get pleasure and can have an orgasm even if the stimulation hurts and a low value means that the character doesn't enjoy when it hurts.
  • Sexual Characteristics : Add "Voyeurism". With a high value the character can get pleasure and can have an orgasm from watching someone getting pleasure, pain or watching someone or himself being naked.
  • Sexual Preferences : Add "Voyeurism - Pain" slider.
  • Sexual Preferences : Add "Voyeurism - Pleasure" slider.
  • Sexual Preferences : Add "Voyeurism - Nudity" slider.
  • Sexual Preferences : Make "Chest Play"/"Breast Play" can give pleasure with high values. And add "Balls Fondle Giving/Receiving" and also do that it can give pleasure with high values too.

Note : The "Voyeursim" sliders work if you are the one who is giving pleasure/pain, but also if you are just a subject being the spectator of another subject getting pleasure/pain.

Others :

  • Subjects : Add a way to move a subject from a piece of bondage appartus to another one.
  • Clients : Add an option to not show standard characters but only Racknet characters or favourite characters.
  • Clients : Add a way to refresh the list of the available clients.
  • Racknet : Add a way to choose a subject directly from Racknet.
  • Rack Table : Add anus interactions with "Hand", "Penis", "Dildo".
  • Camera : Option to turn off the "in and out" camera while having an orgasm.